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Anubex is not like any company you've heard of before. This is because at Anubex we've been working hard for the past twenty years to come up with unique products and solutions that no other company in the world can deliver.

Anubex is a small firm where dedicated, highly-talented professionals from a variety of disciplines and specializations work together in a close team to deliver services and products on the leading edge of ICT. The multi-disciplinary nature of our business means all our staff interact with experts in different domains and through this contact gain first-hand knowledge in the organisational and technical intricacies of delivering large, high-value projects successfully.

Anubex is an environment where achievement is recognised, respected, and expected. All Anubex employees are decision-makers who share a commitment to innovation in customer service, systems development, and state-of-the-art technology. Our tough-minded look at business reality and our determination to come up with imaginative technical solutions to even the most impossible-sounding problems, has given us an extremely solid reputation within our extended client base of very distinguished organisations.

Whether you're into sales, technical research, product development, programming, or project management, a career in Anubex will grant you a wealth of experience and skills-building opportunities. For talented and ambitious individuals, a career with Anubex offers abundant possibilities, not only to learn, but to actually make a difference in the development of one of the world's most respected software companies.

Is this the kind of culture in which you could flourish? If so, then we would like to hear about your ideas. Drop us a line.


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