The Company

Anubex is an industry leader providing core software solutions, know-how, and support for complex mainframe-to-cloud migration and modernization projects.

With over 25 years of experience, demonstrated solutions and high-performing software tools, we help enterprises and government organizations boost their innovation capacity, competitiveness and agility by accelerating their digital transformation. 

We are migration specialists, independent of the legacy or target technology stack. Our core competence lies in the know-how, the unique software solutions, and the extensive experience in how complex migration projects should be undertaken: what the stages and steps are, how the project should be structured, which the typical pitfalls and risks are, which and how processes should be automated.

We continually invest in R&D to further guarantee functional equivalence, application maintainability, performance and scalability of migrated applications.

Our automated conversion and testing tools combined with an innovative migration methodology enable our team to support complex modernization projects and be one of the most competitive and reliable migration companies in the world.

We believe organizations can and should spend less resources on applications' maintenance and more on real innovation. It is the only way they can adapt to the digital era, stay competitive, and embrace new disruptive business models.

Our Core Values

Stellar services

We provide outstanding products that bring extra value and transform businesses.


We believe in maximum impact with minimum intervention.


We take full responsibility for delivering our commitments in a timely and effectively manner.

Our Story