Modernization of the COBOL-based host application

The process consisted in building a modern target environment, migrating, and commissioning relevant software.

Astadia and GFT managed the end-to-end migration, including:

  • Definition of a modern, container-based target architecture and support client during deployment
  • Migration of the selected application modules and transfer of host-specific elements, such as sequential files, into platform-compatible solutions. Part of the migration were the job nets of the migrated application itself, as well as their embedding into the existing job net for all further host applications.
  • Documentation at all levels - from conception to operating manual - and coaching of employees

The project benefited from Astadia's suite of automated tools.

Migratonomy process. Source: GFT


Main Challenges

Transformation of the host-based application landscape while reducing operating costs

  • Modernize a key part of the existing core banking application by connecting the sales partners to the depot system with only minimal code changes
  • Replatform as an initial step in the transformation of business-critical applications with continuous cooperation with all existing peripheral systems and databases
  • Reduction of running costs for infrastructure and software by reducing MIPS, especially at reporting date processing (month-end/year-end)

Additional requirements for the migrated application

  • Operability without emulation in the target environment
  • Ongoing maintenance by existing developers

Main Benefits

Increased performance, boosted efficiency and reduced costs

  • Despite the necessary additional data exchange between host and Unix system up to 90 minutes faster processing of the processes
  • Reduction of previously occurring additional MIPS costs for key date processing at the end of the month and year


> Visit the GFT website for a detailed description of the project.

About the client

Financial institution registered in the European Union, providing services in areas of asset management, real estate, services, capital markets and financing.

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