Anubex successfully completes Adabas-Natural migration for Agallis (Fortis Bank Brokerage)

The bank insurance applications of Agallis were successfully migrated from a BS2000/OSD mainframe to a Windows platform. Anubex completed the project in 12 months and 10 days.

Strategic background of the project

The IT-team of Agallis started the development of bank insurance applications in Adabas-Natural on a BS2000/OSD mainframe in 1996. In the early 2000’s, the bank insurance activities had been reduced to run-off activities. Consequently, all developments on this platform were halted.

The development environment (BS2000/OSD mainframe and Adabas-Natural) no longer provided an added value for the company, making the high costs of hard- and software unjustifiable.

“These concerns obliged Agallis to simplify and standardize the technological infrastructure. We searched for a solution to migrate the bank insurance applications to the Windows platform, which was already being used by all our other applications”, says Danielle Laforce, IT-manager at Agallis.

“The duration of the migration, the limited amount of developers, the complexity of the application and the reduced number of users, forced us to move towards a solution that would allow us to migrate without having to redevelop the applications.”

The Anubex migration method has many benefits, including:

  • Minimal risks
  • Minimal change management
  • No business interruption
  • Project with a short duration
  • No user re-training, as the migrated application retains all its functionality.

Micro Focus COBOL was chosen as the new development language. “Most of our IT staff have previous experience with COBOL. Our Adabas database was implemented in Microsoft SQL Server, conform to our other applications, requiring a minimum of additional training”, says C. Deman.

The original estimate of the project duration was also precisely 12 months.
Agallis was to provide the test scenarios for the migrated application. During the migration project, two Agallis developers were temporarily assigned to the migration team, to assist with the migration of approximately 2,000 Natural programs.

Anubex also converted the 50 GigaByte Adabas database to Microsoft SQL Server, with the assistance of an Agallis IT person.

The data migration was largely automated. Seventy percent of the work was done unattended during the night, assuring that the data migration could be finished within 24 hours. Three proof runs of the data migration scenario were done in advance, so that the actual data migration became a routine job.

During the testing, the Anubex migration tool was tuned and expanded to allow for maximum coverage of the Natural and Adabas syntax. Thanks to the effort and competence of the Anubex specialists, and the solid collaboration with the Agallis team members, the acceptance tests were successfully completed after three months.