Organization: Agallis (Fortis Bank Brokerage)

Project type: Adabas-Natural migration 

Duration: 12 months and 10 days

Project details: The bank insurance applications of Agallis were successfully migrated from a BS2000/OSD mainframe to a Windows platform. 

Strategic background

The IT-team of Agallis started the development of bank insurance applications in Adabas-Natural on a BS2000/OSD mainframe in 1996. In the early 2000’s, the bank insurance activities had been reduced to run-off activities. Consequently, all developments on this platform were halted.

The development environment (BS2000/OSD mainframe and Adabas-Natural) no longer provided an added value for the company, making the high costs of hard- and software unjustifiable.

“These concerns obliged Agallis to simplify and standardize the technological infrastructure. We searched for a solution to migrate the bank insurance applications to the Windows platform, which was already being used by all our other applications” - Danielle Laforce, IT-manager at Agallis.

Download the case study to learn about the migration methodology, tools and resources we used to successfully complete the Agalis migration project.