Banca March Completes IDMS migration with Anubex.

Strategic background of the project

The Belgian software company Anubex is pleased to announce that the Spanish bank Banca March have finished the modernization of their primary software systems of their bank. They have replaced the bank’s outdated IDMS network database with an IBM DB2 database and an updated relational database model.

The key application at Banca March ran on a mainframe platform and used the IDMS network database system. IDMS has its origins in the 1960s, and today no longer meets the integration and maintenance needs of modern information systems and by most standards is an obsolete platform. Nevertheless, it is still frequently used in the finance, telecom, and manufacturing industries.

Licensing of the Factory

Anubex started by calibrating its tools and delivering the first migrations from its Factory. As the banking application at Banca March is quite large and complex (with about 7 million lines of COBOL and ADS), the bank decided to split the system into ten separate clusters in order to more evenly spread the workload. Anubex was responsible for the technical migration and of the first three clusters. The technical migration of the last seven clusters were executed by the bank itself, licensing Anubex’ Factory tools, with Anubex at that stage only a supporting role.