The Belgian bank Bank J.Van Breda & C° has completed the migration of its mission-critical Car Finance application from z/VSE with CICS and VSAM to .Net.

Van Breda Car Finance is a 100% owned subsidiary of Bank J.Van Breda & C°, specialized in car financing and car leasing, offering fast credit solutions to its clients. The application is used by about 1,500 external users and car dealers, across the country, and covers all aspects of the business. The migrated application went live in September 2013.

Marc Wijnants, CIO at Bank J.Van Breda & C° comments: “the whole team did a fantastic job, but I would like to express my respect for the Anubex team and their tools, especially for their help with testing, and for their assistance in tuning the performance of the migrated application on the new platform. This project presented a big technical challenge, but after all, that is why we chose Anubex in the first place.”
The migration of the mainframe system offered the bank the opportunity to move this mission-critical application to a state-of-the-art architecture, ready for deployment in a private or even the public cloud, if the need would arise.


The application comprises about 1.1 mio lines of COBOL code in total, and 885 screens. These applications use 10 gigabytes of data that were managed on the mainframe in VSAM files. The programs made extensive use of transaction processing, internet access, and batch environments of the mainframe. The tools provided by Anubex offered an automation rate of 99.99% for the migration phase.

According to Marc Wijnants, the bank’s CIO, who initiated and oversaw the project, “The mainframe applications fully addressed the needs of the business for many years. The migration let us preserve the investment in the existing system, while adding value by moving it to a scalable, open environment.”
The target system runs on a modern environment with a SQL Server database, and COBOL application servers on a fully virtualized Windows Server platform. The developers are now using “drag and drop” gestures to maintain the migrated code in a standard Visual Studio IDE which the bank also hosts on a virtual desktop infrastructure.


Very experienced with BS2000/ODS and  z/OS, Anubex now took on the challenge to help its customer migrate away from z/VSE with CICS and DMS panels, in a fully automated way.
Louis Heymans, Managing Director at Anubex comments: “We extended our migration toolset to cover the z/VSE architecture, as well as our testing tool. From now on, we are fully equipped to help z/VSE customers unlock their applications and run them on the most modern environments.”