Bezeq, Israel’s largest and leading communications group, was facing the following business challenges:

  • Integration of information systems
  • Reducing infrastructure maintenance costs significantly
  • Launch new services in shorter periods of time and with reduced investment in development and maintenance

The company counted on maintaining a leading position in the market by modernizing its IT infrastructure and migrating the core business system - managing over 16 Mio of transactions per day - from a z/OS mainframe and IDMS database to a Linux environment and a relational Oracle database.


After a severe selection, Anubex was chosen to migrate the over 100,000 complex ADS and COBOL programs, representing close to 10 Million lines of code. Anubex’ typical automated modernization approach and proprietary testing tools allowed the teams from Bezeq and Anubex to complete this entire migration project in only 20 months.


Louis Heymans, Managing Director at Anubex comments: “We were able to exceed timing goals and stay within the budget.  While our modernization solutions and unique methodology played a crucial role in the outcome of this project, we could only succeed with the trust from the Bezeq management team and the commitment of the experienced technical teams from Bezeq and Anubex.”

Eli Frank, Vice President of IT at Bezeq, says: “It truly felt like the Anubex team was an integrated part of our team and we clearly shared the same goals!”  “By migrating to open systems, we eliminated an important cost and took an important step in our IT optimization process, allowing us to grow and adapt even quicker to future business changes.  I’m convinced that our case study will be exemplary to other customers and modernization projects”


The benefits Bezeq enjoys are amongst others:

  • Complete elimination of mainframe platform
  • A modern development environment
  • Bezeq achieved a 95% maintenance cost reduction, which resulted in a project ROI of less than 2 years