Anubex, leader in automated application modernization, is pleased to announce that Deutsche Asset Management, a subsidiary of Deutsche Bank, has completed the migration of its application portfolio from z/VSE and Adabas-Natural to .NET.

Deutsche Asset Management represents the asset management activities conducted by Deutsche Bank AG or its subsidiaries. It offers individuals and institutions traditional and alternative investments across all major asset classes. One of the “DeAWM” applications, used by about 2.500 users, covering all aspects of Shareholder Services of the business was converted and re-hosted, and went live in March 2016.


In August 2012 the idea of migrating from the older mainframe environment to a modern client server architecture was presented to the management board. Following the strategic direction of the bank, in spring 2013 the idea of the re-hosting and conversion was compared with other possible alternatives. The Steering Committee decided in December 2013 to go with the Anubex approach, which was mainly based on the business’s trust in the bank’s IT team and its confidence in their recommendation. After budget approval, the project started in May 2014, and took 22 months to complete.

Markus Kickertz, Vice President and Lead Application Manager of Deutsche Asset Management comments: “We are very proud that we successfully delivered the largest project for this environment ever. After the successful migration of the last subsidiaries, the new environment is very stable and performs well. The business is running as usual which is the best outcome a project like this could have.”

Modernization and Cost Reduction

The migration of the mainframe system offered the bank the opportunity to move its mission-critical applications to a state-of-the-art architecture. Markus Kickertz continues; “Beside the cost reduction of about 4 million Euro per year, Deutsche Asset Management now has a modern platform and all future options.”

Two mainframes and six subsidiaries were in scope, the applications now run on a modern environment on a fully virtualized server platform. The mainframe z/VSE environment was re-hosted to a Windows Server environment. The JCL was replaced by PowerShell, and the Natural programs were converted to C#, while 5 terabytes of data were migrated from Adabas to SQL Server using Treehouse Software’s tools. Entire-X became COM.

Louis Heymans, CEO of Anubex comments: “We are extremely happy that Deutsche Bank, after a detailed market study, entrusted the project to Anubex, although we did not have a single reference yet for this particular technology mapping at that time. They recognized however our deep understanding and experience of migrations, and saw that we were best placed to deliver.”

Tony Van der Beken, Anubex’ project manager, adds: Notwithstanding the very demanding circumstances, this really was a very rewarding project, not in the least thanks to the professionalism of the people from Deutsche Bank.”

Dietmar Dunkel, Program Manager at Deutsche Asset Management and responsible for the Migration project, concludes: “We are very proud of the whole team that collaborated on this project, and I want to thank Anubex, since they went beyond mere migration and conversion work: they took ownership and were at our side during the entire project.”