French Retail Banking combines the strength of three complementary brands: Sociéte Générale, the national bank; Crédit du Nord, a group of regional banks; and Boursorama Banque, France's leading online bank. It offers a wide range of products and services adapted to the needs of a diverse customer base of individuals, professionals, businesses, non-profits and local authorities. The company has 36,000 employees and a successful multi-channel structure, including roughly 2,740 branches.

The modernization project consisted in migrating the bank’s legacy Adabas-Natural application with several million lines of code to a DB2 environment. 

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Anubex has been on our radar screen since they successfully migrated the entire mainframe of our daughter company Sociéte Générale Bank & Trust in Luxembourg. The team over there was very enthusiast about the cooperation, and even more so about the level of automation achieved in converting and testing the applications.” - Philippe Raux, Deputy head of Support Mainframe & Project in the Architecture Department

Before migrating the applications, the team also conducted a successful pilot project using TestMatch and DataMatch tools to reduce testing time. 

See how  we use TestMatch to migrate legacy applications to open systems. 

Discover how DataMatch can dramatically reduce testing efforts in a migration project. 

“In a context of seeking progress in agility for Societe Generale, Anubex brings us the solution to lead our application transformations at a good pace and without compromising quality” - Stephane Ladini, project director in the Mainframe domain Architecture.

The Benefits

Some of the benfits of the methodology and the migration and testing tools we used include:

  • Minimal risks  
  • Minimal change management
  • No business interruption
  • Short duration
  • No user re-training, as the migrated application is functionally equivallent to the original application

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