Société Générale engages Anubex to convert its Adabas-Natural legacy


Anubex is pleased to announce that it has engaged in a long-term framework contract with the IT Department of Sociéte Générale French Retail Networks, to convert the bank’s legacy Adabas-Natural application towards a DB2 environment. Sociéte Générale has several million lines of Natural that are subject to the framework contract.

Anubex became on our radar screen” explains Philippe Raux, Deputy head of Support Mainframe & Project in the Architecture Department “when they successfully migrated the entire mainframe of our daughter company Sociéte Générale Bank & Trust in Luxembourg. The team over there was very enthusiast about the cooperation, and even more so about the level of automation achieved in converting and testing the applications.

After a successful Pilot, smoothly running in the production environment of Sociéte Générale already, Anubex has its factory engine now tuned to the environment of Sociéte Générale, and is converting the second and third applications, due to go into production during the summer of 2017 already. The Pilot application was considered very successful, because Sociéte Générale gained much more time during testing than anticipated due to Anubex’ testing tools TestMatch and DataMatch.

“In a context of seeking progress in agility for Societe Generale, Anubex brings us the solution to lead our application transformations at a good pace and without compromising quality”, adds Stephane Ladini, project director in the Mainframe domain Architecture.