Swets completes its standardization puzzle thanks to fruitful partnership with Anubex

IDMS Legacy

Swets, the world’s leading subscription services company and Anubex, a leader in automated application modernization solutions, are pleased to announce that the two-year, cross-platform migration of an enterprise application of Swets has been successfully completed by Anubex. The project involved the conversion, migration, and modernization of Swets’ last remaining back end application developed with IDMS technology.

“We would like to thank Anubex for all their hard work, continued commitment and dedication throughout this project,” said Johan van Campen, Chief Information and Operations Officer at Swets. “This important project concludes the migration of all our applications to a modern IT infrastructure. Aligning our IT systems, both internal and external, in this way will enable us to embolden our already ambitious development plans and create ever more dynamic and flexible applications in the future.

Louis Heymans, Managing Director of Anubex said, “The combination of support from Swets management, the commitment and spirit of both teams, the expertise of the specialists of both parties and the migration tools and migration approach of Anubex have all played their part in the success of this project.”


Using the tools of Anubex, Swets migrated an extensive number of lines of code, residing in batch and interactive programs and scripts, as well as a substantial amount of production data. The application has been migrated to a new architecture consisting of a combination of NetCOBOL and Java, running on Linux, enabling an easier and more stable integration with other applications running on the same architecture. Anubex collaborated extensively with Swets’ in-house IT team during the migration and testing of the applications. They also provided training to the technical staff of Swets as part of the knowledge transfer to ensure the independence of the Swets team after going live with the migrated application.

The migration was conducted according to Migratonomy, the snapshot-oriented migration process perfected by Anubex over many years. Worldwide, the application in question is accessed by over twenty Swets offices, located in several countries throughout Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Africa.