About IMS/DB Migrations

Many of today’s mainframe applications that were developed with IMS/DB and/or IMS/TM are still mission critical and continue to deliver significant benefits to the organizations that use and rely upon them.  Nevertheless, the Total Cost of Ownership and technological risk associated with these applications have now escalated to unacceptably high levels. Anubex’ automated IMS modernisation and migration solution provides an opportunity to liberate these valuable and reliable business systems from their dependency upon non-strategic, legacy technologies and enable them to be integrated with state-of-the-art components.

Product highlights

The Anubex IMS migration solution takes any application developed with IMS/DB and IMS/TM and automatically converts it to a functionally identical one, now ready to run within an alternative technical environment on the same platform, or on a different platform altogether.

The migrated application will be free of dependencies on IMS technology and, when choosing to leave the mainframe, also free of its EBCDIC heritage. Application data will always be made available in a well-formed relational database.

Three Strong Promises

The Anubex IMS migration ensures three types of equivalence:

  1. Functional equivalence: the migrated application will behave identical to the original one;
  2. Performance equivalence: the migrated application will perform as good or better than the original one (given adequate infrastructure of course); and
  3. Maintenance equivalence: maintenance of the migrated application will be - after proper training provided by Anubex - at least as easy as it was on the original application, while enabling the use of modern and versatile tools.
Native Technologies / No Emulation

Anubex helps its customers to liberate their valuable and reliable business applications from their dependency upon non-strategic, legacy technologies.

Therefore, we ensure that migrated applications actually use technologies that are widely recognized and accepted as native on the chosen target platform instead of choosing to emulate the source platform technologies on another platform.

Whenever the functional equivalence promise forces the introduction of components into the migrated application that could be perceived as non-native on the target platform, we offer a clear modernization path whereby our customers can eliminate these components for good.

Target Technologies

Anubex is always looking to implement new alternatives, both on request by our customers or because we feel they make sense from an understanding of the general software industry.

Next to offering an IMS migration solution that either only eliminates IMS/DB or targets z/OS with CICS and DB2, Anubex also offers a full IBM platform migration solution that takes care of not only IMS but also other technologies like CICS, DB2 and JCL. Platform specifics like printing, security, scheduling and job control, flat data files and archived data are fully handled in such a migration project too.

The Anubex IMS migration solution offers multiple alternatives when it comes to mapping the source system technologies to their alternatives after migration:

*) All database organizations are supported: HDAM, HIDAM, PHDAM, PHIDAM, SHSAM, SHISAM, GSAM
**) With some technical restrictions
***) 3270 is also an option when leaving the mainframe as Anubex has Anubex has developed its own 3270 server component which can be deployed as a micro-service.

Please see the Anubex IBM Product Sheet for details on the Operating System migration.

Automated Testing

No migration project can succeed without the confidence that the migrated system is ready for production and this confidence can only be built by testing the migrated system extensively and repeatedly.

TestMatch™ is the product that Anubex has built to reduce the time and effort needed to complete this crucial testing phase:

  1. TestMatch avoids the requirement to manually create test scenarios for the complete application;
  2. TestMatch limits the application end-user involvement in the project to acceptance testing.

More details about TestMatch can be found in its product sheet and introductory movies on our website.

Anubex’ IMS solution additionally contains an IMS/DB Test Gateway, which employs the same record-and-replay principles that TestMatch was built on, but now focused on the more narrow scope of IMS/DB interactions. The use of the IMS/DB Test Gateway enables testing the full IMS/DB migration very early in a project, even before the full application has been migrated.

User Interface Modernization

Anubex’ CodeTurn™ technology enables converting many legacy character-based user interfaces, including IMS MFS maps, into modern browser-based front-ends that can be maintained using a standalone WYSIWYG map editor.

Since the target is standard HTML with Javascript, many modernization possibilities arise after (or even during) a migration project.

When the choice is made to keep using 3270 terminal emulator clients, as can be needed if a lot of custom macros or screen-scraping software is in use, the same WYSIWYG map editor can still be used. In this scenario, map layout information and actual data get combined at runtime into proper 3270 messages.


Anubex has a 100% success rate, having completed numerous migration and modernization projects around the globe on both IBM mainframe and LUW target platforms. 

Each of these projects has been delivered on time, within budget and to the complete satisfaction of the customer.



Anubex has a 100% success rate, having completed numerous Assembler migration and modernization projects around the globe.

Each of these projects has been delivered on time, within budget and to the complete satisfaction of the customer.