DataTurn provides automated migration of data from many mainframe and legacy data stores to state-of-the-art relational databases, hereby liberating these operationally valuable business systems from their dependency upon non-strategic, legacy and often costly technologies.

Product highlights

  • Supports a variety of source and target data stores
  • Easy to use graphical interface
  • Command line interface for automation and scripting of bulk processes
  • Customization via a template based approach
  • Mass configuration via export/import
  • Mainframe EBCDIC to open platform ASCII solution

Source & Target Data Stores

Source data stores

DataTurn supports the migration of following data stores. For each data storage technology, all key functionalities are mapped to equivalents in the target RDBMS:


Key Functionalities


Records/Fields, Group/REDEFINES Fields, OCCURS Fields, Primary Keys, Alternate Keys

Network DB (IDMS, UDS,...)

Schemas, Subschemas, Areas, Records/Fields, Group/REDEFINES Fields, OCCURS Fields, DBKEYs, Calc Keys, Sort Keys, All Set Types (including System and Multi-member sets and preserving set order)


PE fields, MU fields, (super/hyper) descriptors...

DataTurn is also used for migrating other data stores, but only in the context of a full Anubex migration project.

Target RDBMS

DataTurn supports all market-leading RDBMS vendors (Oracle, SQL Server, DB2) giving customers the flexibility to choose the product most suited to their needs and standards.

The internal DataTurn repository can also be stored in one of the available RDBMS targets, in its own database or schema.

As an alternative for RDBMS targets, DataTurn supports migration of ISAM/VSAM files to files with compliant formats on open platforms, including EBCDIC to ASCII encoding translation.

Easy to Use

DataTurn visualizes the original source descriptions and resulting target descriptions. Configuration changes can be checked immediately.

How It Works

The DataTurn migration process always consists of following five steps, irrespective of the source and target technologies:

Upload the structural data definitions into the DataTurn Repository

Configure the migration mappings

Generate data migration programs and target RDBMS scripts

Setup the target RDBMS

Run the data migration programs

DataTurn Add-on Services

As a standalone product, DataTurn enables you to migrate data to a modern RDBMS.

On top of that and extensively using DataTurn itself, Anubex can provide full migration project services, including:

  • Generation of data access layers
  • Generation of extra trigger logic
  • Conversion of data access statements in code

Three Strong Promises

All Functionality is Mapped: Not only the application data itself is being dealt with, but all aspects on which application code can depend, such as implicit key fields, implicit set order etc., are made available in the target RDBMS.

Data Integrity is Preserved: Two independent mechanisms are provided to verify data integrity:

  • The data migration programs generate full statistics on the original (unloaded) and target (loaded) data stores.
  • Independent data verification programs can get generated too, to dump the data from both the source and target data stores in a format that allows easy comparison.

Data Availability is Ensured: The latest IT development tools on the market are optimized for quick data access and rapid development on databases. Especially, the development of Java, .NET, or other Internet applications will be speeded with the availability of native APIs and programming tools for data access. Because the migration to an RDBMS will provide your application with a clear separation of its data-layer, it will allow your organization to implement a modern client/server or three-tier networked applications architecture in one easy process.


Anubex has a 100% success rate, having completed numerous data migration projects for IDMS, UDS, Adabas, ISAM, VSAM, LEASY, DPT data sources to Oracle, DB2, SQL Server and file targets.

Each of these projects has been delivered on time, within budget and to the complete satisfaction of the customer.