Anubex Migratonomy 

The Migratonomy process of Anubex is an innovation that eliminates risk from software transformation projects. Migratonomy makes it possible for an application to undergo complex cross-platform migration at the same time as normal perfective and adaptive maintenance progresses without interruption.

The core concept of Migratonomy is the full exploitation of the three most important characteristics of source-to-source translation tools and a commonsense approach to organizational risk.

Here are the main steps of this process.



Factory Certification (syntactic correctness)
  • Target data model defined & data migrated
  • Migration tools parameterization
  • Establish coherent codebase
  • 100% compatible output code
Factory Exit (semantic corectness)
  • Migration Tools customization
  • Automated testing (TestMatch, DataMatch)
  • Integration Topics preparation (Job Scheduler, Printing, Interfaces)
System Integration Test (functional correctness)
  • Application like-for-like (iso-functional)
  • Performance test and tuning
  • 1:1 tests - current and future platform
User Acceptence Test (overall correctness)
  • Operational use cases correct
  • Periodical use cases (day end, year end) correct
  • Code freeze
  • Automated migration


Read more about the key characteristics of Migratonomy here. 

The Migratonomy White Paper explains the most significant characteristics of Anubex conversion tools and the benefits to your ongoing release schedules and business. Request your copy of the document today.