Many businesses utilise IBM WebSphere MQ to drive their workflows and business processes, with many business-critical applications using MQ technology to communicate with other critical applications.

When migrating your legacy applications that use IBM WebSphere MQ, how are you able to verify that your migrated application still correctly interfaces with your MQ system?

Anubex has extended their TestMatch tool to include the ability to replay MQ scenarios on the migrated application, and to compare the results to the original scenario run on the mainframe.

This functionality already permitted one governmental agency who relied heavily on their MQ system, to reliably prove the correctness of their migrated application.

  • COBOL programs that don’t need to expand any of the COBOL copybooks used.
  • COBOL programs that need to expand at least one COBOL copybook.

The programs that fall in the first category provide the best insight into the quality of CodeTurn’s transformation as far as code expansion rate is concerned, knowing CodeTurn has been optimized to avoid expansion as much as possible.

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