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From small companies to multinationals, from banks to government agencies, all Anubex customers have saved time and money by modernizing their applications in an automated way.

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Complexities of legacy migrations

Are you facing difficult issues with your legacy application modernization? Are you familiar with the Anubex Factory?

It ensures that legacy applications get migrated to native modern technologies. With the best possible speed and quality, fully automated, no code freeze and no business interruption. The result excels in openness, nativeness, scalability and incremental modernizability for your business-critical applications.

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Professional tools for every step in the migration process

Automated transformation of legacy code.

Automated conversion of data.

Automatic testing of transactional mainframe applications.

Automatic testing of batch jobs.


Tailored solutions for every organization

z/OS & z/VSE migrations

Adabas-Natural migrations

EGL migrations

COBOL migrations

BS2000/OSD migrations

CA-IDMS & CA-ADS migrations

Assembler migrations

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