Legacy migrations

The Anubex Factory ensures that legacy applications get migrated to native modern technologies. With the best possible speed and quality, fully automated, no code freeze and no business interruption. The result excels in openness, nativeness, scalability and incremental modernizability.

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Professional tools for every step in the migration process

Automated conversion of legacy code.

Automated migration of data.

Automatic testing of transactional mainframe applications.

Automatic testing of batch jobs.


Tailored solutions for every organization

z/OS & z/VSE migrations

z/OS and z/VSE mainframe migrations replace the entire mainframe platform, hereby effectively eliminating any dependency on costly mainframe technologies.

Adabas-Natural migrations

Many of today’s mainframe applications that were developed in Natural and Adabas are still mission critical and continue to deliver significant benefits to the organizations that use and rely upon them.

COBOL migrations

Many of today’s applications that were developed in COBOL are still mission-critical and continue to deliver significant benefits to the organizations that use and rely upon them.

BS2000/OSD migrations

Anubex’ automated BS2000 migration is the solution organizations need to optimally reuse existing applications when migrating to Linux, UNIX, or Windows.

IDMS & ADS migrations

IDMS, from Computer Associates, provided many large organisations with a powerful, stable and rapid development environment in which to build their mission critical applications.

Assembler migrations

Many of today's mission-critical applications that power businesses today still rely heavily on Assembler.

Smart solutions for smart companies

From small companies to multinationals, from banks to government agencies, all Anubex customers have saved time and money by modernizing their applications in an automated way.

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We are hiring - DevOps Engineer

We are looking for people who are passionate about IT and have a can-do-attitude to join our growing team in Kontich. Are you an experienced DevOps engineer? Then we might be looking for you. Check out our Careers page and if you think you are the right person for the job, get in touch! We look forward to hearing from you.

Testing for DevOps

In the testing phases of migration projects the automated testing tools TestMatch and DataMatch prove to be invaluable assets to successfully complete the project – with more and more customers using the tools in a DevOps context as well. The Anubex website discusses their value at length in various documents, and in case some...

Frictionless business

Accenture recently released their “Technology Vision 2018”, where they discuss 5 major trends, based on surveys conducted. One of those 5 major trends is Frictionless Business. Frictionless Business, according to Accenture is about the fact that companies compete through strategic partnerships, and when these partnerships are...