z/OS & z/VSE Migrations

For many years the IBM Mainframe has represented one of the most powerful and stable platforms on which to run the large scale data processing applications used within the global banking, insurance, telecoms, aviation and logistics industries, as well as government services including health, tax, police records and so on. However, the improved stability and scalability offered by today’s server and PC technology finally represents a viable and more cost effective alternative to the Mainframe for many organisations. Mainframe skills are becoming less common and increasingly expensive, whilst the organisations that currently rely upon mainframes require ever increasing flexibility, in order to modernize and keep pace with both technological and commercial change. Anubex offer a true migration path away from IBM mainframe technology, not merely an emulated re-hosting solution. Anubex’ migration tools automate the entire conversion to mainstream, open systems technology, dramatically reducing both cost and risk along the way. We have a proven track record of 100% successes and all our customers have achieved both rapid ROI and significant reductions in the TCO of their IT operations.