Anubex recently joined forces with Thomas More University to take part in the school’s Student Consulting Company, Sandgate60.

This year, over 100 (senior year) business students will participate in this consulting group, aiming at giving students firsthand experience in project management, communications and much more while performing in real business settings. They will cross classroom borders, as students from different backgrounds (marketing, International business, finance) get together and provide insights from their unique perspectives. Students will be able to link their educational experience with actual projects provided to them by companies over different industries, and Anubex is proud to be one of them.

“As an organization that puts a lot of emphasis on innovation and learning itself, we are excited to work together with Thomas More students and provide them with a learning-by-doing experience, which is essential in enhancing knowledge and skills. We look forward to seeing their fresh ideas and reach results supporting the company’s goals.” - Thijs De Smedt, International Business Development Manager USA at Anubex.

During this edition, Anubex will be working with 9 business students (names listed below) to work on two projects, created especially for them. These projects, with an emphasis on market research and data analysis, will directly contribute to Anubex’s business operations. In other words, a real consulting experience.

“At Thomas More we are grateful that companies such as Anubex give our students the opportunity to engage in real life business projects. It is a challenge for the students to break out of their comfort zone and build up experience in a competitive environment. It is our hope that the crossover of Anubex’s experience and knowledge and our students’ fresh insights and skills will result in added value for the firm’s operations.” -  Geert Kesteleyn, Business & Management Coordinator at Thomas More University.

Meet the team:

  • Laurens Vereecke
  • Carlotta Clauter
  • Elijah De Vocht
  • Noah De Weerdt
  • Philip Verbruggen
  • Jelena Verstraeten
  • Jarno Van Haute
  • Jamina Mnatsakanian

Thijs De Smedt
Business Development Executive
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