We continually invest in R&D to expand our mainframe modernization solutions and further guarantee functional equivalence, application maintainability, performance, and scalability of migrated applications. Have a look at some current developments of Anubex’s tools and solutions.  

  1. A major new conversion style has been introduced in our COBOL to Java and COBOL to C# solutions. Where previously all COBOL specific meta-data needed to be described explicitly in code, the new conversion style allows providing the same information now via Java annotations and C# attributes respectively. This has a major impact on the look & feel of the resulting code.
  2. Our COBOL to Java solution has now been tested to work also for batch applications running on z/OS. This technically means that our solution is compatible with mainframe data formats and encodings.
  3. Both our Assembler to Java and Assembler to C# solutions have reached feature parity now.
  4. Both our CICS to Java and CICS to C# solutions have reached feature parity now.
  5. All Anubex .NET software is now.NET Core 3.1 compatible, while still remaining compatible with .NET Framework 4.7.2. As overall principle, we’re committed to remain compatible with the two most recent LTS version of .NET.
  6. Our IDMS to COBOL solution now has gained full LRF support.
  7. Both TestMatch and DataMatch now enable integrating with Azure DevOps for ticket creation: this new capability will be available in the summer release of both products.
  8. MapEdit has been extended with full IDMS support, hereby enabling WYSIWYG editing of character-based screens with IDMS OLM map properties, including support for pageable maps.


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