In 2017, Anubex kicked off a migration project of a COBOL application with VSAM files running on IBM Mainframe to Java and Oracle running on Linux, at a German company. The scale and complexity of this migration was of such a nature, that the IT department of the client likened it to landing a spacecraft on the moon.

Confidently, the Anubex team donned their proverbial spacesuits and guided the project past several milestones. The Go Live of the full migration was successfully achieved this week.

In the final stages of preparation, Anubex’s Migratonomy methodology remained vital to guide the Go Live procedure, which started last week with some final testing, before the IBM z/VSE mainframe was put on read-only in preparation of the migration. With no noticeable issues reported, the automated data conversion started on Thursday and was finished on Friday.

Over the weekend, all other systems were re-routed to connect to the new production database on Oracle. Further and more extensive smoke tests were executed and by the end of the weekend, in‑house test teams gave the green light to go ahead and land the new system in production.

On Monday, the online system was opened for general use with only very minor issues being reported. Overnight, the system ran its first batch processing with a perfect output.

Business is operating normally, and the migration is considered a success, having been delivered within budget and error-free. A giant leap for mankind, especially for our satisfied customer.

Read our white paper on Cobol to Java transformation to learn more about our migration process and tools.

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