DataMatch solution demo video

Anubex releases the first in a series of videos on DataMatch.

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Migratonomy Effort Estimation Model whitepaper available

Our new Migratonomy Effort Estimation Model whitepaper delves a bit deeper into part of our methodology, revealing some of the mathematics behind our migration planning.

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Microsoft re-opens its oldest legacy, MS-DOS

Microsoft recently re-opened its oldest legacy. MS-DOS is over 30 years old, but as far as legacy applications go, that's not unusual.

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Mainframe Migration: Fool’s Errand?

This is the quite provoking title of an article, or rather opinion, which appeared in Forbes. As the mainframe migration specialist, we beg to disagree.

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How to deal with testing during a complex project?

How do you test core enterprise applications that are being migrated from a mainframe to a private cloud in the timeframe of a weekend? An Anubex migration shows a successful result.

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