Anubex awards dedicated IT partners

Anubex awards Certified Professional status to IT partners after completion of training sessions.

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Update to COBOL to Java whitepaper

Our COBOL to Java Whitepaper has been revised and is essential reading. Request your copy!

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Microsoft re-opens its oldest legacy, MS-DOS

Microsoft recently re-opened its oldest legacy. MS-DOS is over 30 years old, but as far as legacy applications go, that's not unusual.

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BMC Mainframe Survey stresses need for modernization

The recently published BMC Mainframe Survey 2018 emphasizes the importance of integrating mainframes with new technologies.

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The Wall Street Journal on COBOL

The Wall Street Journal recently reported on companies' continued reliance on COBOL, especially within the financial industry.

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//No Comment

Did you know on average 28% of all Cobol lines written are comment lines? Find out how CodeTurn deals with this.

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Providing insight

One of the nice aspects of working in the legacy modernization space is that there are many different ways to help a customer. Of course, the ultimate satisfaction comes when a complete legacy migration project goes into production, and after the first hectic days you can see the team starts to realize what a great accomplishment it is.

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Anubex’ CodeTurn expanded

Since a few years CodeTurn, Anubex’ code conversion product, covers 99.99% automated conversion for COBOL syntax dialect upgrades (for example from mainframe to open systems), and also from Natural to COBOL, Java and C#!

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