BMC Mainframe Survey stresses need for modernization

The recently published BMC Mainframe Survey 2018 emphasizes the importance of integrating mainframes with new technologies.

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Testing for DevOps

In the testing phases of migration projects the automated testing tools TestMatch and DataMatch prove to be invaluable assets to successfully complete the project.

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A large Belgian company was recently making the news headlines for a couple days on the account of technical issues that prevented their customers of using the corporate website and app – for a couple of days. When this happened, I was wondering what could have caused these events. My mind was running through different potential...

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From Fragile to Agile

Granted, when people think of mainframes, hardly ever the word “fragile” comes up. People have this notion of mainframes as being the ultimate in stability and dependability. Yet today I want to make a case for the fragility of mainframes. Not the platform in itself – because the robustness of the platform is undisputed – but the...

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