Anubex and Societe Generale extend business relationship

Societe Generale purchases software license on the Anubex Factory.

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Update to Migratonomy Whitepaper

Check out our updated Migratonomy Whitepaper: Clearer, more concise and with a case study. Request your copy today!

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Migratonomy Effort Estimation Model whitepaper available

Our new Migratonomy Effort Estimation Model whitepaper delves a bit deeper into part of our methodology, revealing some of the mathematics behind our migration planning.

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We are hiring - DevOps Engineer

To strengthen our team, we are currently looking for an experienced DevOps engineer for our office in Kontich.

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Around the globe

I have just finalized the conversion of a few million lines of COBOL code to C#, and have committed the changes to our subversion project repository.

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