Anubex releases abbreviated COBOL conversion white papers

A technical introduction to our migration approach for COBOL conversions, available for immediate download

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We are hiring - Junior Java Developer

To strengthen our team, we are currently looking for a Junior Java Developer for our office near Antwerp, Belgium.

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Update to COBOL to Java whitepaper

Our COBOL to Java Whitepaper has been revised and is essential reading. Request your copy!

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The Wall Street Journal on COBOL

The Wall Street Journal recently reported on companies' continued reliance on COBOL, especially within the financial industry.

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//No Comment

Did you know on average 28% of all Cobol lines written are comment lines? Find out how CodeTurn deals with this.

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Starting up

We’ve just kick started a new migration project, together with one of our international partners. The project involves the execution of two medium sized migration Proof Of Concepts, and is scheduled to run up to this summer.

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Legacy Modernization: choosing the right Target Language

In a mainframe modernization project, you will be replacing obsolete or proprietary technologies by mainstream, modern equivalents. What should you look out for when choosing the target programming language, more particularly between the three most popular target languages: COBOL, C# and Java.

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