Anubex expands TestMatch support to include z/OS Connect

Anubex announces extended support for IBM z/OS Connect(tm) within the TestMatch tool.

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Anubex releases new whitepaper on Standard Runtime Architecture

Our new whitepaper provides an elaborate overview of how a migrated application typically looks like at runtime.

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Anubex releases abbreviated COBOL conversion white papers

A technical introduction to our migration approach for COBOL conversions, available for immediate download

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Update to COBOL to C# Whitepaper

Our COBOL to C# Whitepaper has recently been updated. Request your copy today!

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Legacy Modernization: choosing the right Target Language

In a mainframe modernization project, you will be replacing obsolete or proprietary technologies by mainstream, modern equivalents. What should you look out for when choosing the target programming language, more particularly between the three most popular target languages: COBOL, C# and Java.

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OOP Types to Concepts

Your boss wants a function that calculates the maximum of two numbers. That's easy enough, but not much fun. As a developer, you feel a moral obligation to get the most out of this assignment. Why stop at calculating the maximum of numbers? What about strings, dates, and other ordered types?

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PowerShell pitfalls for mainframe developers

As a migration company we help many, who are used to developing in traditional scripting or batch JCL languages, as they make the leap to full OO scripting language on distributed systems. While all JCL developers succeed in the adjustment with time, the first step always feels like diving in at the deep end. In this blog post I’ll be...

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Bewildering booleans

Booleans are boring. They can be true, they can be false, and that's all there is to say, right? Well... Yes and no.

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What will you generate?

When a new, green field software development project gets started a multitude of technology related choices can or need to be made. On what platform(s) will the application run? What will be the UI technology? What will be the (relational) database? What version control will we use for the project? And what issue tracking system? Can the...

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