After the successful pilot in 2015, Societe Generale engaged Anubex in a three-year contract to convert several of its applications developed by the past, to a more standard technology. While finishing the 5th and 6th applications, Societe Generale and Anubex together take a new big step in their journey.

Societe Generale has taken a software license on the Anubex Factory, meaning that it will start executing the transformations and conversions itself for the remaining of concerned applications in the portfolio. The license encompasses Anubex’ products CodeTurn, DataTurn, TestMatch, and DataMatch as well as the associated methodology Migratonomy.

By licensing the Anubex Factory, we will be able to execute the migration of the rest of the portfolio on our own rhythm and speed, and plan and prioritize the work much more dynamically in the future, instead of being tied to a strict contract”, says Philippe Raux, Deputy head of Support Mainframe & Projects in the Information Systems Department of the Group’s French networks. “At Societe Generale, we are engaged in a long-term project on this subject. So it made sense therefore to internalize the industrialized transformation activities and thus be able to manage our budgets on the commitments of this program more efficiently”, adds Stephane Ladini, Project Director in the Mainframe Domain Architecture.

Anubex is very pleased with this evolution”, concludes Louis Heymans, Managing Director of Anubex, “after we already licensed our Factory to System Integrators in the past, this is the first time an end-customer takes this step. We hope many System Integrators and end-customers will follow this example, since it proves how mature our products are!