Anubex recognizes the hard work, expertise and talent of Mike Earle and Ravi Vedh of Canada-based company Mariner and we are pleased to award them the Anubex Certified Professional award for their skill with our TestMatch tools.

“TestMatch was instrumental in the success of our migration project,” said Mike Earle. “We were able to quickly learn how to use TestMatch competently and thoroughly test the application with minimal business knowledge.  By using TestMatch we eliminated the need for a team of manual testers and dramatically reduced the time of each test cycle, saving us time and money.”

With the Anubex Certified Professional award, we honor professionals whose know-how makes for invaluable contributions to our migration projects. Mike and Ravi have displayed a comprehensive knowledge of our TestMatch and DataTurn tools during a large migration project from IBM Mainframe to Microsoft’s .NET platform, using C# and SQL Server.

TestMatch is a very reliable tool for testing thousands of scenarios in one fell swoop,” according to Ravi Vedh. “It does the analysis of system functions and performance and graphically displays the results.”

Congratulations to Mike and Ravi!