Software architect Federico Tomassetti recently did an extensive interview with Ben Wilson, who has over 20 years of experience in the application modernization field.

The article is a pretty in-depth journey into the what, why and how of application modernization and on the link below, you can find both the video of the interview as well as a transcript.

Ben, a former Anubex employee, touches on a lot of interesting points but we in particular agree with his following bit of advice:

Federico Tomassetti: I know that it’s a bit of a broad question, but do you have any advice to a person doing application modernization? Something that they should pay attention to?

Ben Wilson: Sure, absolutely. I’m seeing quite a few initiatives. I would say most of the time it’s going to be your first time. There are many companies out there that actually do specialize in this and that have seen similar migrations in the past. I think people have the tendency to think that they’re… When they on board developers, they typically have to spend a long time explaining the architecture and the coding conventions and things like that, and there’s a perception that the application is really unique and very different from other applications, and therefore the migration or the modernization of it, even if it’s just a technical exercise, that’s something that’s very difficult to outsource. But actually the opposite is in most cases true.

Companies that specialize in this domain, they can really help quite a lot, especially by saying what sort of technical mappings have happened in the past. What has been successful, what sort of performance problems you might be looking out for, and how to troubleshoot those, especially. These things are really useful. I’d certainly say get an ally. Find a company to help you out there, get some experience on board.

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