I’m looking at my wristwatch and I see that time is now nearing midnight... I have just finalized the conversion of a few million lines of COBOL code to C#, and have committed the changes to our subversion project repository.

The last thing I still need to complete this evening, is communicate the handover of the new release of the migrated code to my colleagues that are sitting at the other side of the ocean so they can integrate this new generation of migrated code and can integrate this into their regression tests so that we can prove to the customer that Factory Exit has now been completed.

Earlier today, that same team a few thousand miles away provided me with a list containing the last remaining tickets we needed to resolve.
Based on this, the development team and myself planned the necessary upgrade to CodeTurn, and after the development cycle was completed (including executing the development unit tests) the regeneration of the C# code could start.
A task that, even for a few million lines of COBOL code, is completed in a couple of hours…

If working in such a dedicated, international team of experts attracts you, don’t hesitate to contact us.

In the meantime, our team look forward to the completion of another major project phase…