Accenture recently released their “Technology Vision 2018”, where they discuss 5 major trends, based on surveys conducted. One of those 5 major trends is Frictionless Business.

Frictionless Business, according to Accenture is about the fact that companies compete through strategic partnerships, and when these partnerships are technology-based, they can expand partner networks faster and into more ecosystems than ever before.

However, legacy business systems were not built to support this kind of expansion, and soon, outdated systems will be major hindrances to growth. Businesses must adopt microservices architectures, and use blockchain and smart contracts to build a strong foundation for technology-based partnerships. Those that invest in these changes today will redefine how businesses transact in the future.

Anubex can offer a path to success and we would like to invite any organization, interested in pursuing these ideas to contact us: we can help you to make the first step of your journey and get out of your legacy environment, unlock you from hindering technology boundaries and bring you into a world where you will be able to take the second step in your journey to further modernize and enable your business partners by introducing microservices and blockchain into your applications.

A welcome benefit of this approach is that getting out of the legacy environment during the first phase will create a return of investment that can be re-invested to fund the second phase of further modernization, see for example also the case of Deutsche Bank.