As undoubtedly everybody is aware by now, the General Data Protection Regulation (commonly known as GDPR) comes into effect on May, 25th 2018. This means all companies that process personal data need to become GDPR compliant by that date. And not just compliant on that day, but also on all days following said D-Day.

The team at Anubex are of course no exception to this, and have started various tracks (risk assessment, inventory of processing, setting up a register, contacting our various suppliers, …) to make sure we are indeed in line with the regulation. On the other side we regularly receive questions from our own customers related to GDPR compliancy.
For B2B vendors like Anubex, the efforts to deal with the impact of GDPR cannot be compared to those of mass (online) retailers, but perhaps the biggest helping hand we got was the fact that in all the years of doing projects we have never gotten end user data from our customers. We request (and often get) anonymized test data sets for our two Factory test phases, but no production data is stored on our servers.

In any case, through this GDPR exercise we already have improved various processes and believe we are well on our way to be compliant!