This is the quite provoking title of an article, or rather opinion, which appeared in Forbes in August 2015.

The article was the result of the author’s visit to the SHARE conference, which explains the bias in his statement. In the remainder of the article, the merits of the mainframe are praised to the skies.

As the mainframe migration specialist, Anubex has no resentment against mainframes at all. In fact, we support customers migrating out of legacy environments, but staying on the mainframe. For some this means moving from Adabas-Natural to COBOL-DB2, for others this is converting their COBOL applications to Java, on the mainframe. As far as we are concerned, everybody should make their own choice, based on facts.

What we do have an issue with is the opening sentence of the article: “Contrary to what passes for popular wisdom these days, migrating enterprise applications off the mainframe is often a fool’s errand”. Certainly during the last years, but even at the time of writing of the Forbes article three years ago, we at Anubex have migrated many, many customers successfully off the mainframe. It is NOT a fool’s errand, there is no magic, it only requires the right tools and the right methodology to make it happen.

You can read all about it on our website or talk to our customers. Every organization does have a choice: stay on the mainframe or move away from the mainframe. Plain and simple!