A large Belgian company was recently making the news headlines for a couple days on the account of technical issues that prevented their customers of using the corporate website and app – for a couple of days. When this happened, I was wondering what could have caused these events. My mind was running through different potential scenario’s that could cause such prolonged issues. All speculation in my head, needless to say.

But while this story kept playing in my head I came across an article in the Belgian press a few days ago that provided some interesting ideas into the mix. The article featured information from various sources e.g. system integrators, Gartner, and academic and testing experts.

Some of the highlights that I took away from this article include:

  • There is major decrease in budgets made available for testing departments over the last couple of years. While in 2015 35% of the IT budget was reserved for testing, in 2017 this was reduced to 26%.

  • There has been an increase in requests for application testing e.g. based on the number of legal changes enforced by governments. This also make testers a scare resource in companies, and this is not expected to slow down any time soon.

  • There can be major consequences if testing is not done extensively enough, as evidenced by any major system outage.

This then leads me to the current evolutions within Anubex, where TestMatch and DataMatch are more and more considered as not only vital tools in the executing of complex Legacy migration projects, but in fact key should be integrated in regular development projects for our customers.
Their commandline interfaces allow for flexible integration in the DevOps chains.

Especially in markets with dwindling testing budgets and increasing requests for agile development and releases, these tools can make the difference between a successful release, and one marred with issues…