One of the nice aspects of working in the legacy modernization space is that there are many different ways to help a customer. Of course, the ultimate satisfaction comes when a complete legacy migration project goes into production, and after the first hectic days you can see the team starts to realize what a great accomplishment it is.

This is the moment a dedicated team of committed professionals from various companies, backgrounds, and sometimes even continents, has worked so hard to achieve.

For sure it scores very high on the kicks scale. My personal favorite, however, comes much earlier in the trajectory to the Go Live.

It is where we can provide the customer team(s) responsible for the maintenance of one or more a legacy applications detailed insight into these applications. Applications that typically have been passed down from generation upon generation of developers and the current team was not around when the application was designed.

Two stand-out reports that we can deliver that are guaranteed to provoke a response with the team are:

  1. the application maintenance history: how long has it been since the different components of the application have been modified, and
  2. the application control flow graph visually showing the interactions between all the different application sources.

The latter often provokes a chuckle with the team as for large applications it resembles a map to the stars, but by zooming in immediately meaningful discussions unfold within the team.

Not the same degree of complexity as to round of a successful go-live, but seeing their eyes light up with new insights actually tops the Go Live, for me.