The three fantastic videos linked to below show how a dedicated computer enthusiast gets hold of an old VAX workstation machine and begins his adventure to restore it to its former glory. These DEC machines were powerful in their prime and were able to run business applications created with development tools such as Adabas-Natural. Tools for which Anubex provides advanced migration support in both CodeTurn and DataTurn, which enable our customers to make the transition into, for example, Java or C# programs running a leading RDMS.

While we admire the enthusiasm and drive to get such old machines up and running and like many enjoy watching them, for any business applications running on such old infrastructure we are convinced this is not the correct approach. Critical applications don’t need to be running on old machines with limited to no support and no skills on the market to maintain them. Instead, we believe these need to be migrated to modern and open platforms (including the Cloud). On such platforms they can be operated flexibly and safely, and new business logic can be added using language such as Java and C#. The converted databases can be accessed with standard BI and reporting tools as well.

But, there is a difference between responsible business practices and the nostalgia that lives in many of us. So, go on enjoy the restoration videos they are simply amazing!