We’ve just kick started a new migration project, together with one of our international partners. The project involves the execution of two medium sized migration Proof Of Concepts, and is scheduled to run up to this summer.

In the timespan of just a couple of weeks we have already set up our Migration Factory for the migration of the various artefacts and are currently churning out Java programs, Oracle DDL and migrated test data.
At the same time, we are in communication with the other teams involved, geographically spread throughout Europe, to agree upon how the migrated application will be delivered to them and can best be integrated in their DevOps tools of choice.

Aside from the technical progress we are currently making, which is always gratifying from a technical point of view, one of the highlights is that later this week our Factory team will have the opportunity to meet some of the people involved from the customer side.
This way we can all put faces on what has up until now been limited to voices over the phone & internet and words displayed in email clients.

We won’t meet the entire team, though, but on the other hand there is quite some time left until the project completes – although if I were to go by the weather this week summer is already here...