In the testing phases of migration projects the automated testing tools TestMatch and DataMatch prove to be invaluable assets to successfully complete the project – with more and more customers using the tools in a DevOps context as well. The Anubex website discusses their value at length in various documents, and in case some questions remain unanswered don’t hesitate to raise them to the team at

DataMatch currently compares the contents of different databases with each other, regardless of the underlying database technology (DB2, Oracle, SQL Server, …) and then reports on any discovered differences in the data. This proves the correctness of both the initial data migration, and subsequently that of the migrated programs. Up until now, the comparison of data stored on a legacy platform in SAM/ISAM/VSAM files with the migrated equivalent in an RDMBs was unsupported. From the point of view of a modern Java application, such as DataMatch, one could even consider data in this technology as locked away out of their reach.

Based on the architecture of one of the Anubex data migration products, a new research project has been started in Anubex R&D with the goal to tear down this barrier. Currently the work on a first prototype has been started, and we believe to be able to reap the first benefits from this over the next 2 to 3 months. Stay tuned for updated Fact Sheets and Whitepapers in the next couple of months.