While some companies, like Micro Focus, continue to preach that organizations should stay with COBOL for the rest of their lives and modernize in COBOL, at Anubex we certainly appreciate decisions to stick with COBOL, given the amount of change management involved when needing to retrain a legion of developers.

Therefore we also offer an excellent modernization to COBOL ourselves. This COBOL code runs natively on your infrastructure (or maybe in the Cloud) and it is free of any lock-in into emulation software. No financial burden, no need for another project in a couple of years or so from now to get out of a vendor lock-in.

Alternatively, we also offer transformation to C# and Java, and we have a growing customer base who takes the decision to modernize towards these languages – certainly when they find out that both the transformation and the testing can be fully automated!! The result being very maintainable code that can be further re-factored and modernized. Actually, our customers have been very happy with the quality of the code produced.

Feel free to contact us for a chat or to deliver some of your COBOL code for transformation to Java or C#, even if it is Micro Focus COBOL!