The Wall Street Journal reported on September 21, 2018 on the continued reliance on the COBOL programming language, especially within the financial industry.

The author mentions that “software programmed in Cobol powers millions of banking transactions every day and underpins critical computer mainframes. And Cobol isn’t going away anytime soon. Banks and other companies have come to the uncomfortable realization that ripping out old mainframes is pricey and complicated.

While we agree that it is indeed true that many core banking systems still rely on COBOL, and that it probably will take many years before this will really change, there is a new, irreversible trend in the market since about 18 months: the financial industry has recognized the issue and is acting upon it!

Projects are underway to replace core, mainframe based legacy applications with applications in Java or C# on open systems. More projects start every month, and automated conversion and testing plays a pivotal role in these endeavors! Anubex is involved in many projects and helps financial institutions move away from COBOL to modern languages at the time the article appears!