Anubex DataMatch is a powerful, scriptable database comparison tool. It enables automatic validation of batch job results, and can help reduce testing effort dramatically.

Anubex DataMatch and its sibling product TestMatch (for automated on-line testing) form the core of the Anubex Automated Testing offering for mainframe migration projects. DataMatch also works closely together with DataTurn, for automated data conversion.


DataMatch Explorer

Proving 100% functional equivalence

Anubex mainframe migrations guarantee 100% functional equivalency. This means that for instance running a converted batch job on the new platform should yield exactly the same results as running the original JCL job on mainframe.

To prove this, Anubex DataMatch basically compares the database state e.g. after running a converted batch job on Linux or Windows with the “desired” database state e.g. after running the original JCL job on mainframe.

While this sounds straight-forward at first, several issues make this a challenging task:

  1. How to compare the contents of exotic mainframe databases such as IDMS and Adabas with the converted relational database on the target platform?
  2. Data volumes, typically in the Terabyte range, might prohibit “naive” bulk-comparisons.

Anubex DataMatch is designed with these challenges in mind. The result is a unique and flexible tool that makes batch testing a breeze in any situation.

Other uses of DataMatch

DataMatch is most often used in the context of mainframe migrations and particularly in testing of JCL conversion. However it is just as useful in various other situations. For instance:

  • Regression testing in day-to-day maintenance. Programs that are unaltered should produce the same output before and after the release
  • DataMatch can be used to visually inspect the result of bulk data operations (e.g. mass cleanup of historical data from tables).
  • When performing system upgrades (operating system upgrade, database upgrade…), DataMatch can validate that programs still work correctly after the upgrade.