TestMatch is a database content comparison tool that provides automatic testing of mainframe OLTP (terminal based Online Transaction Processing applications). It can be used to facilitate the migration of such legacy applications to open systems, or it can provide an automated regression test suite for a legacy application.

Watch the video below for a short overview of the functionality of TestMatch.


Centralized test scenario recording

All user interactions can be recorded centrally on an IBM or Siemens mainframe using standard tools (no client-side or server-side installation of Anubex tools). Since recording is done at the network level, it works regardless of the development technology (IDMS, BMS, DMS, Natural…). Many protocols are supported: 3270 (IBM), 9750 (Siemens), Entire/X, MQ, TCP/IP...


TestMatch visualizes test scenarios and sessions: this includes the terminal contents as well as all attributes that are typical for terminal based applications: protected/editable, MDT bit, reverse-video, colors...


TestMatch can replay the recorded scenarios, either against the migrated application (as a migration testing tool) or against the original application (as a regression testing tool). Normal replay can either include or leave out user think time. Stress-testing replay can launch many scenarios in parallel.


The integrated diff tool shows a side by side comparison of a recorded scenario and its replayed counterpart.

Test analysis

TestMatch provides detailed analysis of response times and throughput, and also contains helpful utilities to detect performance problems. It calculates elaborate test scenario coverage statistics and the pass rate of replayed tests.

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