Automated Application Modernization
Harness the Power of Automation in Your Modernization Projects

Automation is key to accelerating digital transformation of your organization. Modernizing legacy business applications to fully equivalent modern systems has long been the exclusive field of highly technical and specialized companies.

At Anubex, this complex process is almost entirely automated using state-of-the-art technologies. Automation guarantees efficient, error-free work, reduces the turnaround time for workflows, and eliminates potential errors or delays.

Automated Migration and Testing
>> Modernize Fast

Transform faster and more effectively with the right modernization approach.

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>> Maintain Data Integrity

Ensure all data is converted correctly during the migration process.

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>> Reduce Timeframes

Save tens of men-hours and unburden your development team from repetitive work.

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>> Reduce Costs and Risks

Dramatically reduce time, costs, and risks during the modernization process.

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Mainframe-to-Cloud Migration

Automated Testing for Mainframe Modernization

A key factor of successful mainframe migration projects is making sure that the migrated system is ready for production.

Learn how using automated testing tools helps organizations achieve 100% functional equivalence in application modernization projects.

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Anubex Migration Factory
Get Access to New Technologies and Business Models

The Anubex Migration Factory is a collection of tools that industrializes the process of migrating and testing legacy applications.

We make the technology available for partners and clients to support their migration operations and to help them reap all the benefits of digital transformation.

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Automated Migration and Testing Tools

We chose Anubex because through their extensive experience in migrating  applications to modern platforms they were able to automate the conversion. Using their own tools and their migration methodology, they were able to guarantee a migration without any risk or business interruption.  Consequently, Anubex delivered the migration project right on time and within budget.
Michel Le Guillevic
IT Director Air France Industries
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Mainframe-to-Cloud Migration

Anubex Training Program

The Anubex certification is a training program that helps IT professionals unlock the potential of automation for complex digital transformation projects.

Learn how to spend less time on daunting tasks while advancing your skills and competences.

Automated Application Modernization

The core competence of Anubex is the know-how, and the Intellectual Property (IP) on how mainframe migration projects should be undertaken: what the stages and steps are, how the project should be structured, which the typical pitfalls and risks are, which and how processes should be automated. Examples are not only the automated mainframe migration and testing tools, but also our unique mainframe migration methodology, Migratonomy.

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