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In the digital transformation race, the grow of the cloud marketplace is reshaping both technology and business ecosystems. It disrupts industries, remodel economies, and transforms the way we work, produce, and consume.

For many organizations, agility, sustainability, efficiency and enhanced customer experience will no longer be a competitive advantage but the condition to surviving a fast‑evolving market place. Regardless the type of cloud – be it public, private, hybrid or a combination - moving applications to the cloud is inevitable.

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Cloud Adoption Is Gathering Momentum

“By 2021, about 35 percent of all enterprise workloads will be on the public cloud, and 40 percent of companies will use two or more infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and software-as-a-service (SaaS) providers.” - McKinsey Survey

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Mainframe-to-Cloud Migration

Mainframe-to-Cloud Migration

Understanding the different mainframe migration solutions and how they can meet the goals of your organization are two fundamental conditions before starting a digital transformation project.

Find out how to plan and choose the right approach for your mainframe-to-cloud journey.

Unique Process, Unparalleled Performance
Functional Equivalence & Business Continuity

Our mainframe migration approach is like-for-like or iso-functional: the migrated application will behave exactly the same as the original application.

Automation and Inherent Modernization

Our automation tools allow up to +99,99% automated legacy data code conversion. Moreover, it makes the modernization possible during the migration process.

No Code Freeze

Our unique IP helps keeps the code freeze (and data freeze) period to a strict minimum.

Native Technologies and Cloud

Solve the skills issue, enjoy continuous new functionality, full flexibility and native support for desired modern enhancements by converting legacy data and migrating to the cloud.

Mainframe-to-Cloud Migration

Is This a Good Time to Migrate Your Mainframe?

Recent events have shown that now, more than ever, organizations running on legacy applications need to speed up their digital transformation journey.

Louis Heymans, CEO of Anubex, explains which factors should be considered when planning a mainframe migration project in times of crisis.

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