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CIOs worldwide are under pressure to become more agile, create a culture of growth, and lead organizations in their journey to become more competitive, efficient, and responsive to the fast-changing business environment.

Many enterprises are able to introduce brand new applications from the very beginning, using DevOps techniques to upgrade their agile microservice-based applications swiftly, and running in the cheapest cloud-infrastructure possible. In this race, organizations relying on legacy technology platforms have limited or no capacity to support the growing demand for ROI, business agility, technical flexibility, and skilled workforce.

Enterprises and governmental agencies still relying on mainframes are able to transform and accelerate their digital transformation without compromising the stability of their core platforms or slowing down the business development

Liberate Your Legacy Applications
>> Modernize in a fast, automated way

Transform core business systems into new, modern and powerful platforms.

>> Reduce IT costs

Reduce your infrastructure’s maintenance costs and fund IT innovation projects instead.

>> Innovate fast

Make use of the most recent advances in technology, control and analyze data, and react quickly to customer needs.

>> Attract the workforce you need

Attract top talent and reduce the dependence on scarce expertise or skills.

>> Increase efficiency

Watch how workloads decrease when applications run on a modern platform.

>> Drive your business forward

Correlate business objectives with technology capacities: assess, develop, deploy in days rather than months.

Make The Most of Your Core Business Applications
How We Help

Anubex's powerful tools and methodology support complex legacy application migrations to native modern technologies at the best possible speed and quality, fully automated, with no code freeze and no business interruption. The result excels in openness, nativeness, scalability and further incremental modernization for business-critical applications.

Ready to Go All-In?
Liberate Your Legacy Applications

Convert existent data and transform your entire codebase to enjoy all the benefits of a modern and powerful business platform.

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Move to the Cloud

Improve efficiency, gain scalability and control, and drive down costs, by moving applications to the cloud.

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Mainframe-to-Cloud Migration

Modernize and Migrate in One Move

How can enterprises modernize their legacy applications and exploit the benefits of the cloud?

Mario Mees, Managing Director at Anubex, explains what inherent modernization is and how it can help your organization accelerate digital transformation.

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Anubex Mainframe Modernization Process
Functional Equivalence & Business Continuity

Our mainframe migration approach is like-for-like or iso-functional: the migrated application will behave exactly the same as the original application.

Automation and Inherent Modernization

Our automation tools allow up to +99,99% automated legacy data code conversion. Moreover, it makes the modernization possible during the migration process.

No Code Freeze

Our unique IP helps keeps the code freeze (and data freeze) period to a strict minimum.

Native Technologies and Cloud

Solve the skills issue, enjoy continuous new functionality, full flexibility and native support for desired modern enhancements by converting legacy data and migrating to the cloud.

Mainframe-to-Cloud Migration

Converting Data to the Cloud with DataTurn

The rise of cloud computing, IoT, and AI is forcing organizations to rethink the way they process and store data.

At Anubex, we help enterprises grow faster and smarter by enabling them to take full advantage of big data, greater flexibility, and powerful new technologies.

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Migration Experts

Our experienced migration specialists, powerful tools and proved methodology can transform complex modernization projects in business-as-usual operations. Learn more about Anubex’s approach.

Trusted Partnerships

We work with the best integrators on the market to make sure our migration projects are delivered successfully and within time and budget. Meet our partners.

Powerful Tools

Anubex Factory industrializes the process of migrating and testing legacy applications, reducing risks and shortening elapse times. Take a tour of the Factory.

Success Stories

Join tens of companies and state agencies that have already used our methodology and tools in 100% successful projects. Discover our clients' success stories.

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