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Keep Your Project's Risks, Costs, and Timeframes to an Absolute Minimum

Legacy applications modernization and mainframe-to-cloud migration are becoming critical for organizations still using core systems developed for a different era. And while recent technology advancements provide enterprises and government institutions with multiple solutions, finding the right approach, the right tools, and reliable partners that can deliver on the promise can be challenging. 

Proven Methodology

Anubex's Migratonomy process is an innovation that eliminates risk from software transformation projects. Migratonomy makes it possible for an application to undergo complex cross-platform migration at the same time as normal perfective and adaptive maintenance progresses without business interruption.

Mainframe-to-Cloud Migration

Migratonomy Explained

Anubex's migration methodology makes it possible for business applications to undergo complex cross-platform migrations, for example from mainframe to cloud, without business interruption.

This two-minute video gives an overview of the process.

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Why Our Clients Choose Migratonomy
>> No IT development and business interruption

The artefacts in development, test, and production stay intact while the migration is in progress.

>> Functional Equivalence

The migrated application’s behavior is identical to the original application behavior.

>> Performance equivalence

The migrated application will perform at least as well as the original one.

>> Maintenance equivalence

The maintenance of the migrated application will be comparable in effort to the original application.

Convert. Test. Tune.

A key characteristic of Migratonomy is the concept of migration staging area. The snapshot-oriented approach ensures the actual artefacts in development, test, and production stay intact during the entire application migration process.

What Our Clients Say
Anubex has a unique approach that is very different from that of other firms in the same line of business. They were able to realize the fastest migration with fewest risks, thanks to their specialized conversion tools and their own methodology. By responding to the project's specific demands, Anubex was able to complete the migration of our IDMS environment in no time.
Jacque Geoffrion
Administration Manager for the Tax Department, State of New Mexico
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Mainframe-to-Cloud Migration

How Migratonomy Works

The core concept of Migratonomy is to fully exploit the most important characteristics of source-to-source translation tools and a common sense approach to organizational risk.

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