Worldwide, CIO’s are under pressure to become agile, be a partner of the business in the journey to serve your customers better, or serve new customers with new offering all together, reducing costs in the process!

Many businesses and organisations are able to introduce brand new applications from their very beginning, using DevOps techniques to upgrade their agile microservice-based applications swiftly, and running in the cheapest cloud-infrastructure possible. Unfortunately, incumbents seldomly can start from scratch: they do have a huge investment in applications, systems, and people supporting their existing business, serving thousands of clients, and generating millions, maybe even billions of dollars. They have a legacy, you might have a legacy, a very valuable legacy!!

It is Anubex core business to help you liberate this legacy: once transformed you are set-up to continue to modernize your applications and make use of the great advances in technology to help drive your business forward. This is our core business, and we are good at it! Just check our references.

What we do is simple: we transform your legacy applications into new, modern technologies (Java, C#, HTML, …), running for example in the cloud.

Once you are out of your legacy environment with programming language(s), TP-monitor, database and scripting language:

  • you maintain your applications in Java or C# and increase the pace of said enhancements by using the latest DevOps techniques and tools such as Jenkins, GitLab, Docker, Kubernetes,...
  • you refactor your code into microservices using the newest development environments and testing tools;
  • while you are at it, you will be a partner to your business peers and strategize how to advance your company with further digitalization of your enterprise!

But the first step is to liberate your legacy with Anubex!