The Migratonomy process of Anubex is an innovation that eliminates risk from software transformation projects. Migratonomy makes it possible for an application to undergo complex cross-platform migration at the same time as normal perfective and adaptive maintenance progresses without interruption.

No interruption to your ongoing release schedules

A key characteristic of Migratonomy is the concept of the migration staging area. The snapshot-oriented approach of the process ensures the actual artefacts in development, test, and production are left undisturbed while the migration is in progress.

By working with snapshots, it is possible for regular maintenance release cycles and migration release cycles to happen independently of each other, assuring maximum efficiency of both processes. The migration process then focuses on the migration, one snapshot at a time and functional equivalence is achieved with the latest snapshot, not with a moving target. As time progresses and tools are customized, the migration will involve less manual work, which makes each iteration naturally go faster than the one before it.


An iterative process

What takes place during an iteration? Each iteration involves the consistent ordering of an identical number of steps. The first step in any iteration is to take a snapshot of the development artefacts currently in production, a copy is made to the migration staging area, followed by a second step to verify the completeness and correctness of this snapshot.

The third step is to convert code and data, using the conversion tools to the level at which they have been customized at that moment.

During data conversion, tools convert any metadata, create a new database, and populate it with either (anonymized) data from the production environment, or a specific set of test data.

During code conversion, tools convert any source artefacts that were part of the most recent snapshot. The converted application is compiled and readied for automated testing.

In the next step, our automatic testing tools TestMatch and DataMatch will measure the correctness of the migrated application (both in terms of speed and stability and in terms of number of remaining issues). Any differences are analysed and issues are logged to an issue tracking system. This yields concrete and measurable results very early in the project and a clear indication of progress over time. A difference may result in adjusting conversion parameters, the tuning or customization of conversion tools, or perhaps the addition of source artefacts that were missing from snapshot.

This may start a new “convert-test-tune” mini-iteration, until functional equivalence between this iteration's snapshot and the resulting converted application can be proven. At that point, a new major iteration can begin.

Typically, there are 4 major iterations during an entire migration project, where a full snapshot is taken and converted. Small iterations may happen much more often, sometimes even several times a day. This allows for very fast response to reported issues, and a continuous validation of the entire conversion result.

Thanks to Migratonomy, mainframe rehosting keeps applications and data intact, providing continuity for your business!

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