Many of today’s mainframe applications were developed on legacy technologies and are still mission critical.

Anubex provides modernization and migration solutions for the following technologies.

z/OS & z/VSE migrations

z/OS and z/VSE mainframe migrations replace the entire mainframe platform, hereby effectively eliminating any dependency on costly mainframe technologies.

Adabas-Natural migrations

Many of today’s mainframe applications that were developed in Natural and Adabas are still mission critical and continue to deliver significant benefits to the organizations that use and rely upon them.

COBOL migrations

Many COBOL applications are still mission-critical and deliver significant benefits to organizations and businesses. With CodeTurn, we convert to Java and C#, or rehost to a modern COBOL technology.

BS2000/OSD migrations

Anubex’ automated BS2000 migration is the solution organizations need to optimally reuse existing applications when migrating to Linux, UNIX, or Windows.

CA-IDMS/DB & CA-ADS migrations

CA-IDMS, from Computer Associates, provided many large organisations with a powerful, stable and rapid development environment in which to build their mission critical applications.

Assembler migrations

Many of today's mission-critical applications that power businesses today still rely heavily on Assembler.