Many mission-critical applications power businesses today while using mainframe or other legacy databases. For many users, the TCO (total cost of ownership) and technological risk of these applications have grown to unacceptably high levels. Anubex’ automated data migration solution provides an opportunity to liberate these operationally valuable business systems from their dependency upon non-strategic, legacy technologies and integrate them with state-of-the-art components.

Product highlights

Anubex' Data Migration solution is capable of converting most mainframe data stores into market-leading relational databases. The original code that accesses these data stores can be adapted, often automatically, to work seamlessly with the new relational database. A simple and effective way to achieve this is through an automatically generated data access layer.

Two options for data migration

Anubex’ Data Migration gives its customers two options:

  • Data only migration: the data structures and the data itself will be migrated to an RDBMS. The migrated data can be accessed with any suitable technology afterwards

  • Data and code migration: the data structure, the data itself and also any code using the data will be converted in a way that ensures 100% functional equivalence.

Whatever option is chosen, Anubex’ Data Migration ensures data integrity and 100% functional equivalence of any converted (data-access) code, while at the same time enabling new code (written in any technology) to interact natively with the data.

Source data stores

Anubex’ Data Migration supports the migration of following data stores. For each data storage technology the solution provides equivalents for key functionalities in the target RDBMS:

Source Key Functionalities
Network DB (IDMS, UDS,...)Schemas, Subschemas, Areas, Records/Fields, Group/REDEFINES Fields, OCCURS Fields, DBKEYs, Calc Keys, Sort Keys, All Set Types (including System and Multimember sets and preserving set order)
DPTRecords/Fields, Group Fields, OCCURS Fields, Primary Keys, Check Relations
File (ISAM, VSAM, SAM, LEASY,...)Records/Fields, Group/REDEFINES Fields, OCCURS Fields, Primary Keys, Alternate Keys

Target RDBMS

Anubex Data Migration supports all market-leading RDBMS vendors (Oracle, SQL Server, DB2) giving customers the flexibility to choose the product most suited to their needs and standards.
As an alternative for RDBMS targets, Anubex supports migration of ISAM/VSAM files to files with compliant formats on open platforms, including EBCDIC to ASCII encoding translation.