The New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department is the state agency responsible for collecting and distributing governmental revenue in New Mexico and administering the state's motor vehicle code. The US State agency performed a migration from IDMS, a pre-relational database, to SQL Server. The migration to SQL Server increased productivity of all employees and enabled cost reduction. 

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The Challenges

Following a thorough analysis, the New Mexico Taxation & Revenue Department (TRD) decided to standardise its database platform. The tax department experienced difficulties in the exploitation of data in their existing database, which contains historical information on taxpayers in New Mexico.

The agency was also struggling with skills issues as staff members responsible for maintenance and support of the IDMS Legacy application on an z/OS mainframe were all approaching retirement age.

"Compared to other firms in the same line of business, Anubex has a different approach. They were able to realise the fastest migration and with fewer risks, thanks to their specialised software applications and own methodology. And all at a competitive price. By responding to the project’s specific demands, Anubex was able to understand our current IDMS environment in no time." - Jacque Geoffrion, TRD representative. 

The Benefits

Some of the benfits of the methodology and the migration and testing tools we used include:

  • Minimal risks  
  • Minimal change management
  • No business interruption
  • Short duration
  • No user re-training, as the migrated application is functionally equivallent to the original application

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